While these are the official releases slated for the first month of 2018, there is always a chance that Sartaaj will have some surprises up his sleeve as the month progresses.

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From film festivals to concert halls Satinder Sartaaj has been picking up a lot of buzz as an actor after his Black Prince release.

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Sartaaj is on the road most of the time kicking off his creative projects. Currently he is promoting his signing on the Rukus Avenue music label. Don't miss the opportunity to catch up with him on tour.

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Sartaaj's emergence has been tied to the long list of hit songs that date back a decade, however the Punjab native has always demonstrated an uncanny ability to transcend. The practicing music professor's reverence of his craft and culture has always been on display in his music but his recent acceptance by greater audiences have catapulted this superstar. His collaborations with Nelly Furtado, Talib Kweli, and other American music stars combined with his collaboration with Indian Cinema queen Shabana Azmi on the film The Black prince have helped graduate this prolific performer to a grander playing field.

Nilami | New Punjabi Songs

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Satinder Sartaj releases new Punjabi song Nilami on youtube & mp3 from the album Seasons of Sartaaj. And the newly released track Nilami will make you fall in love again. Added to the romantic genre once again, Satinder Sartaj with Nilami left us spellbound. Recently Satinder Sartaaj released his tracks for the Punjabi album Seasons of Sarataaj like- Main te meri Jaan, Tere vaastey. And now its Nilami that means the mirror.

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Punjabi folk singer Satinder Sartaj is now all set to help check human trafficking which could help scores of Indians especially Punjabis falling prey to illegal trade and eventually landing in jails or spending lives as slaves after United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime picked.

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It must not be easy to live with the constant anxiety of not knowing your past too well. One takes great pride in stating the language they speak; the country they belong to or the faith they follow. Take that away and you have nothing that truly belongs to you. The protagonist (Satinder Sartaaj as Duleep Singh) battles a similar situation here. He was stolen from his mother when he was barely five and exiled from his own country. Raised as British, he soon realizes that he is actually a prisoner, trapped by the lies and deceit of his enemy.

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